The team initially started with me and Mum but as the number of children grew, we soon needed to expand the team. The team now includes an ex Pontins Blue Coat, ex-Nurse, a Welsh athlete, award-winning dancer and someone who loves Marmite…

Tracey Butcher

Registered Provider

Writing about yourself is very difficult but here goes….

Hi, I’m Tracey and I’m the Co-Founder of Lilliput. After an unusual career history of making stuffing balls at the age of 14 and becoming a Blue Coat at Pontins, Southport, I thought it was time to run my own business.

With over 10 years entertaining kids on stage and having two of my own, there was only one business I wanted to start, welcome to Lilliputs. So when I’m not doing the paperwork or thinking about new activities and menus for the children, I love to put my feet up with the family, watch Mary Poppins and just relax.

Granny Jean

Registered Provider

Well, what can I say about Granny Jean. I have to be quite nice as she is my mum but apart from that, she helps me run Lilliput’s on a day-to-day basis. As Co-founder, she is an integral part of the management team and supports and mentors our staff to provide exceptional care and of course fun.

One of her proudest moments was when Lilliput achieved OUTSTANDING in their first OFSTED inspection which we still retain to this day.

In the little spare time Granny Jean has, she loves shopping and the theatre, often remembering the days she played the back end of a pantomime cow.

For all those book lovers out there, keep an eye out for the launch of a new book Granny Jean is currently writing about kids quotes and stories. I just hope it doesn’t include some of the tales me and my sister got up to when we were young… Be nice Mum.


Baby and Toddler Co-ordinator

Alison has been with Lilliput for nearly 2 years now and is an integral part of the family. As a toddler room coordinator, she provides the children with social, physical and emotional support throughout the day.

When she’s not travelling around the world, she’ll often be found with her nose buried in the twilight saga books whilst tucking into her favourite takeaway, Chinese.

But unfortunately, Alison is one of them… A Marmite lover… but we didn’t know that when we employed her so please forgive us.


SENCO & Communication Champion

Sharon joined us back in 2015 as a Pre School Coordinator and has played a vital role in the way Lilliput has developed. As with all our staff, she is part of our family and the kids and staff love her bubbly personality.

An avid watcher of the Great British Bake Off, Sharon loves nothing more than re-enacting some of the series in her own kitchen with her 3 children.

Next time you see her, just ask her to do a Roger Moore impression and raise one of her eyebrows… it may raise a smile.


Activities Coordinator

As we keep saying, Lilliputs is a family business, so let me introduce you to my daughter.  Amber has worked at Lilliputs for 2 years, in between college terms and after classes. One of her passions is dance and music and she’s won countless competitions and has the certificates to prove it.

Amber loves nothing more than turning the volume up to 11 and teaching the kids to dance early in the morning. With the disco lights flashing and the dance floor bouncing, this is one of kid’s favourite parts of the day.

when Ambers not dancing she can be found watching YouTube or applying her endless Mac make up collection.


Childcare Practitioner

In 2017, Mel became our fantastic chef, childcare assistant and a wonderful addition to the Lilliput team. At the age of 15, Melanie represented Wales in Athletics and can now be found on the terraces at Wrexham FC and Cardiff City stadium watching her beloved teams.

Spending time with her family is very important to Melanie and loves nothing more than a trip to the seaside to play on the beach and of course those 2p machines in the arcades.

Now when it comes to films, her favourite is Home Alone 2 (but I think the original one is still the best)



Rob is our Master Chef, creating amazing meals from healthy food, that the children just love to eat. Although his favourite food is spicy Indian, his professional palette ensures that the children enjoy a wide range of produce from around the world that just tastes great.


Rob’s claim to fame is that back in the 70’s he stared in the motion picture ‘Looks and Smiles’ so don’t forget to get a selfie and autograph on your next visit.


When not watching friends, he loves a round of golf and watching his favourite team Southport FC.


Nursery Practitioner

Sam only joined us a few months back, but she has already made a great impression on the children and the rest of the Lilliput family.

She is very close to her family and friends but just don’t ask her to do too much gardening as her pet hate is snails.

“It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live”

Just a little quote from her favourite film but if she is not watching Harry, she is engrossed in the latest romantic novel whilst eating a bit on Italian.


Nursery Practitioner

So, the last 12 months have been amazing, Georgia has been great with the children, helping them with the curriculum and making sure they love their play.

After recently passing her driving test, she loves her freedom, oh and not getting the bus to work every day.

After a good bowl of Spaghetti Bolognese and listening to ‘You’re Welcome’ from Moana, Georgia loves nothing more than putting her feet up and relaxing after a hard day’s work.


Nursery Practitioner 

Family values are very important to Jody and her greatest achievement is bringing up her ‘Cheek Chops’ son single-handedly over the years.

When not in work she loves to go on exotic holidays and has ticked off ‘La Haven’ and ‘Butl Ins’ resorts off her bucket list.

But when she’s not jet setting off on holiday, she loves nothing more than to curl up on the sofa and read a good book or get lost in watching her favourite film the Notebook.


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