Providing your children with the foundations for reading, writing and maths is extremely important to the Lilliput team and our focus is to ensure they are ready to take their next steps into school.

We go above and beyond the EYFS curriculum, adding our own unique teaching methods to make it fun and memorable. Comments have often been made that Lilliput children starting school are ahead of the curve and their ability to focus on key tasks and communicate are well above average.

Regulations are kept to a minimum and children are taught right from wrong in a supportive family environment. The children are taught to respect each other, the environment and the community.

We encourage them to develop their knowledge of the world around them, the law of the land, music and art. It is extremely important to us that the children are school ready so that they can continue their education in a confident and happy manner.

The EYFS is broken down into 7 areas of learning…

The first 3 are prime areas, introduced first, to create the foundations of your child’s development and future learning first:

1. Personal, Social and Emotional
2. Physical Development
3. Communication and Language

As they grow we will incorporate the next 4 key areas to enhance their development:

4. Literacy
5. Mathematics
6. Understanding the world
7. Expressive arts and design

These 7 areas shape your child’s learning and encourage them to think creatively, play and explore in both indoor and outdoor settings.

EYFS encourages children to think creatively, be active, play and explore. We have developed the curriculum to ensure all the above stages can be achieved by indoor and outdoor play as we all know how unpredictable the British weather can be.

Whilst we are keen for your child to develop to their full potential, we allow your child to be a child and enjoy play led learning.

Your child will be asked to join in group activities but will also be allowed to select their own toys and preferences. Our skilled practitioners will then support them to gain a learning achievement or Early learning goal whilst they play.


We'll be happy to answer any questions